A bunch of Inktober and prior things

This site has been gathering dust for a bit. Time to fix that.
There are going to be a lot of things to add, so this will be a long post.
(PS. I realise some older posts have problems with retrieving the full images; I regret the error and will fix that in the near future.)


Sample Emergency Alert
24 Aug 2019. OpenMPT, Sonar, Audacity, DECTalk derivative.

Made whilst discussing a friend’s project as a silly possible concept.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Okapi O’ Clock
27 Aug 2019. Krita, Inkscape.
Community jokes taken to a new level with a Mickey Mouse watch face parody. I like how the stylistic choice made it easier to vectorise later on. But I think the newer pose would work better for this than the original 1930s or such one that I was using.


丸九の拳 / Fist of the (9) Ball
9 Sep 2019. Krita, GIMP, Inkscape.
Make a Cirno Day sketch, I said. It would be simple and effective, I said.
…and 8 hours later I get a stronk Cirno.

Fast Food & Drive-Thrus

Inktober Day 1: “Ring”
1 Oct 2019. Fountain and fineliner pens, some gel pen.
What a start to Inktober 2019. Blame having an arcade game character select screen as background music for leading to this point.

nom nom nom

Inktober Day 2: “Mindless”
2 Oct 2019. Fountain and fineliner pens, two different brush pens.
“Huluru, what do you think about your daily life?”
…and I should have kept to one brush pen. The ink differences are apparent on camera. >_<


Inktober Days 3 & 4: “Bait” & “Freeze”
4 Oct 2019. Just a ~0.4mm thin writing pen, that’s it.

Drowsy warmup sketches at best. I decided to move onwards after that.


Inktober Day 5: “Build”
5-6 Oct 2019. The usual set of pens and now more water-soluble brush pens.
Deciding to be clever, I opted to just draw Duke Nukem 3D, which uses the Build Engine. 😛


Inktober Day 6: “Husky”
6 Oct 2019. Fountain and brush pens.

This was rushed both conceptually (lazy KemoFure habit kicked in) and executionally (some smudging). It’s at this point where I began considering waterproof ink and/or markers for future reference (but those won’t be seen until some other point later on).

The Mahou Shoujo of Bucharesti (sic?)

Inktober Day 7: “Enchanted”
7 Oct 2019. Fountain and fineline pens, a bit of gel pen.

This was a fun one to draw, a bit of a departure from my usual approach. Result was quite adorable too, which is a nice plus!

Darned Kids!

Inktober Day 8: “Frail”
9 Oct 2019. Fineline pen and a bit of paint marker.

Warmup sketch, yet again. I think the erratic lines are helping to show the effect, but they could be less stiff.


Inktober Day 9: “Swing”
9 Oct 2019. Fineline pen.

Same day, another warmup. I think his shoulder needs to be broader…?


Inktober Days 10 & 11: “Pattern” and “Snow” / Snow-dhole
11 Oct 2019. Fountain pen, felt tip, brush pens, water-soluble markers.

I admit I have been playing KemoFure 3 a bit lately, hence why Dhole has an event outfit from that game. As for the drawing, it worked out quite well I think.

some assembly required

Drawpile Session, Prkl Edition
13 Oct 2019. Drawpile.

What began as a joke Arctic Fox sketch from me turned to…this between me and three other users, including Eater of Pi and Foxwint. Most of my tat’s on the left side.


Inktober Days 12 & 13: “Ash” + “Dragon”
13 Oct 2019. Fountain and felt pens, marker, brush pens.

Thank you very much, Trogdor, for splendidly addressing a creative stump for these two prompts! Let’s Burninate!


Inktober Days 14 & 15: “Overgrown” + “Legend”
15 Oct 2019. Fountain and felt pens, marker, brush pens.

Another stump. But the powers of memes and another user’s Girls Frontline gacha screenshot somehow led to this point.

I see Mirai’s been working out.

Inktober Day 16: “Wild” / Guide vs. Park
16 Oct 2019. Fountain and felt pens, coloured pencils.

“Tune in to Guide vs. Park, the thrilling show of Park survival…Wednesdays at 20:00, only on JapariTV!”

A parody of a Man vs. Wild thing. The use of coloured pencil was perhaps for the better here, rather than marker.

“…and I ain’t no giraffe nor zebra, y’heah?”

Inktober Days 17 & 18: “Ornament” + “Misfit” / World Okapi Day
18 Oct 2019. Fountain and felt pens, coloured pencils.

“It’s World Okapi Day, da zo!”

Somehow it was doable to mix two Inktober prompts and World Okapi Day. I don’t think the Ornament prompt showed up clearly (mostly as the circular thing/Celien on her shirt), but the rest of the design was fun. I’ve also gotten a bit more cosy with how to employ my inking approaches.

Here at Inktober Slings Company, we believe your slings should be made of proper ink….

Inktober Day 19: “Sling”
19 Oct 2019. Fineliner and felt pens, markers, brush pens.

This came as a result of looking at a cookie company’s packaging, of all things…. The execution is sloppy, but I think for these kinds of works, digital may be the better call.

vroom vrooom…..

Inktober Day 20: “Tread” / ム リ ダ ヨ
20 Oct 2019. Fineliner, fountain, and felt pens.

I was drawing Lucky Beasts for another project of mine when the idea of putting one on tank treads came up. Then this drawing happened.