Belated Parcel Delivery or Such

Just another instance of me updating Twitter more often or something? I guess this is the extended section then, wherein more comments are added.
Seeing as my last post here was mid-late Oct, I’ll start from there. Inktober stuff will be updated in this post at another point.

Props for figuring out the location

Remember Mateys…X Marks The Spot! – for tourist tat
21 Oct 2019. Ink, graphite, marker.

I forget what Inktober prompt this was for, but the idea seemed amusing enough to pursue. I think I misdrew the hat though – I intended for a pirate hat, but others viewing the work were making Coco comparisons instead. XD

Welcome to Firioka!
23 Oct 2019. Powerpoint 97.

Parody Powerpoint presentation made for a friend’s project, which demanded 90s style and 90s tools. All components were made on a Win98SE system I have for late 90s games using stock clip art.

There were no animations present in the actual presentation, except for a few animated clip art figures. Also the slide to PNG exporter in Powerpoint 97 is a bit lousy in my opinion.

A PDF is provided for easier viewing of the slideshow.

Not enough enemies on the screen, clearly

24 Oct 2019. Ink.

I think the prompt needed involved landscapes, so a sketch based on a Serious Sam level came about. I think it was from the flyover demo part of that game?

Who’d ya Rather Call?

24 Oct 2019. Ink, coloured pencil.

Adapted from three things – Inktober prompt, a friend’s creative project, and the Japanese Ghostbusters movie poster. I don’t really like the ghoul’s design, but it was effective enough to get the job done, and I justified it in a followup conversation by saying “yeah, ghouls went extinct and are now the subject of many fictional works in [that friend’s project]”. XD

“Silly Puffin – it’s a weapon!” – Foxwint (via Discord)

Ya Tellin’ Me Ta Eat THIS?!”
25 Oct 2019. Ink, coloured pencil.

A silly sketch done before travelling. I guess this is why Atlantic Puffin isn’t in Kemono Friends 3 yet (as of the time of drawing, as well as this post).

Press SHIFT to dismiss.

31 Oct 2019. Ink, coloured pencil.

Though I was at a workshop during this time for other artistic ventures, I had felt the need to add something for Halloween, so here it is. The Spookapi idea was derived from a silly conversation on a Kemofure chat. Then add a little HHH from TF2….

I think this is the *largest* work I’ve done thus far, at 61x61cm

1 Nov 2019. Acrylic, gouache, paint marker on canvas. Pencil and masking tape used as well whilst drafting.

Done at an artist workshop at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (Gatlinburg, TN, USA). It was a major new experience to use paint in this manner on canvas, which I had not done in a long time.

The idea came from listening to some song in the mess hall, whose album art I recognised from somewhere. Then cue a few different styles and themes, each to learn how the materials work in various approaches.

The bottom-right one was rushed a bit as I was running out of time, so some of the gel matte can be seen in the photo. >_< But I am overall happy with the work and my experience!

The fisherman seems to have caught cheese instead

Marvellous Fruitfish 2019 (and other drawings)
2-7 Nov 2019. Ink, pencil, coloured pencil.

I know I am missing some Inktober stuff before this on the page, but I think it’s also on Twitter anyways. Three of the sketches used an image from a cosplayer as a reference.

There are also critique notes for some of them.

pew pew pew

Untitled (Friends and Guns, and drafts galore)
21 Nov 2019. Ink, pencil.

Drawings for another idea that I’ve had for a while. I don’t get some of the poses in hindsight, and that Meerkat costume in KF3 is nice either way.


Sugoi T. V.
9 Dec 2019. Mixed traditional and digital: water-soluble ink for former; Krita, Inkscape, GIMP, and LibreOffice on the latter.

A parody of the marquee art for the Williams arcade game Smash T. V. I got the idea in mid-October upon seeing a cabinet for it in the local arcade – tough game, hehe. But it was indeed fun, and it opened up the opportunity for an unlikely parody with Kemono Friends, which I have done (and then added Purple Tentacle because why not).

Whilst I attempted the flat shading style as on the marquee, it didn’t turn out that well in hindsight. Some of the lighting and shading seem a bit awkward, and I’m not a fan of how the faces turned out. The idea remains amusing, however.

“Let’s go to Costco!”

20 Dec 2019. Ink, pencil, too many eraser bits

Warmup sketch after a few days of not drawing. It’s rough, but refers to a meme that was ongoing on JP Twitter for a bit, wherein Bald Eagle (Kemofure) was going to Costco.


24 Dec 2019. OpenMPT with OPL2 instruments (8 channels) + 6kHz PCM samples.

A quick Christmas time song written to test a bunch of instruments and whatnot for an ongoing audio project. The FM instruments are custom-programmed – not hard to do with 2-operator FM. PCM instruments IIRC are from a Roland synth, and that voice was simply a reversed Microsoft Sam thing run through some effects.

I guess this song’s nature fits some holiday boss in a video game or something. XD

I want a hoagie now

Fly, Eagles, Fly…?
28 Jan 2020. Ink.

I started the new year and decade in Philadelphia, watching the city’s Mummers parade and meeting friends. It was a very interesting time to visit, I must say! So later that month, inspired by that, cue even more Bald Eagle jokes, referring to the city’s American football team….

Welcome back to the Stage of History, Blackbuck

28 Jan 2020. Pencil.

I only drew this to fill blank space on my sketchbook, but I was having enough fun with it to go further than originally intended. I guess Blackbuck is the dark knight of Kemofure 3 or something, now.

Mike Taichou’s Beat-Out!
17 Feb 2020. Paint.NET, GrafX2, GIMP (for the VHS-esque version).

A silly idea I got during a long drive whilst the cutscene music from NES Punch-Out was playing. Originally it was going to be a parody of the bike cutscene, but a bit of gameplay and King Hippo later, this was conceived instead.

Although I attempt to follow hardware limits when doing demakes and pixel work (usually in the form of Discord emotes, I actually ignored the NES’s attribute system for this one, as I felt it was difficult to obey fully. So instead I checked for palette accuracy and whether 24 or fewer colours were present.

Doc Meerkat’s lines are a parody of the Nintendo Fan Club line, whilst Queen Kaba (Kaba being Japanese for hippo)’s are based on the English dub of Kemono Friends season 1.

The VHS version was done mainly by separating the chroma and luma layers, then applying various noise, distortion, resolution, etc. effects onto each of them separately before merging them back together again.

what a shame taichou-san

Untitled (midweek sketches)
19 Feb 2019. Ink and pencil

Mostly Kemofure, no surprises here again. The upper-left sketch was based on some drug documentaries I was often seeing when at the gym, as well as the Kemofure 3 story (which I find somewhat interesting thus far). The rest are more for silliness.

Lad in bottom left: “Why did I come here again?”

24 Feb 2020. Pencil.

Portraits drawn in appreciation of a group of contacts in the Kemofure community. They were not meant to be fancy, but I did spend quite a bit of time that day drawing just this page. At least the contacts were appreciative.

style clash is real. XD

The Devils
1 Mar 2020.
Foxwint (left): SAI
Mine (right): Coloured pencil, Krita for minor fix, merger of the images in GIMP

A collaboration with Foxwint (@Snowambush on Twitter) that was planned for several months, but not finished for a while. We knew going in that the stylistic contrast – digital versus analogue, smooth versus rough, anime-heavy versus mixed cartoon styles, etc – would be quite pronounced. But both of us agreed on the pose and which character to work on.

draw the rest of the feckin’ owl nanodesu

2 Mar 2020. Ink and pencil.

More sketches to kill time, have more expressions, and play with materials.

In-de-struct-ible, ba-ba-ba-something

Mamizou and Tanuki
11 Mar 2020. Waterproof ink, watercolour pencils.

Originally I wanted to make something akin to Street Fighter 4’s versus screen, but style, proportions, composition, and other factors led to that not really happening. Nonetheless I liked some of the colours that came out of this, and both Mamizou and Tanuki are nice characters in their respective series.
It might be worth retrying in the future.

But what if I press GREEN?

13 Mar 2020. wxTED and zxNet.

Yet more teletext for a friend’s project (I should publicise it, but he hasn’t deemed it ready for that yet). This was based mainly on the British teletext quiz Bamboozle.

Captain Spoot looks all right here, but I would probably clean up his design if I were in charge of this telly station, just to make him easier to draw. XD

The Great Pie Heist begins NOW

Pi Day with Okapi, 2020
14 Mar 2020. Krita.

Rushed Pi Day sketch drawn shortly before midnight, whilst some Kemofure contacts were watching a stage play for that series that starred the character Okapi.