Delayed Updates Galore! Now with MORE Friends….

When Twitter profiles are updated more often than the main site…. >_<

Stuff here is from late May to about this current time.

Hello, Japari Park!
Mixed watercolour pencil, digital.

Parody of a children’s book cover.

Graphite pencil.

“How did it come down to THIS?!” I don’t know either, honestly. Or do I….

This Beach is MINE!
Graphite pencil.

Drawn during a beach holiday.


A parody of a RCMP recruitment poster done for Canada Day.

Digital, composted onto a photo.

I swear, if this floppy of LIBERTY AND JUSTICE has any bad sectors on it….

The sketches were mediocre, so the idea of taking them to a floppy drive was instated as a way to salvage them in time for American Independence Day.

“X-Friends! Welcome…to DIE!”

Sketches – Krita, Pixel art format and composting – Paint.NET/GrafX2, CRT FX – GIMP.

This idea was obtained after binge-watching a lot of the Welcome to Japari Park shorts, which recap the story of the old KemoFure mobile game. It’s also making me want to visit Magfest again, amidst the regular 6-player X-Men machine and the Colossus Roar spam amongst the attendees.

wxTED, ZXNet, GIMP. GTV1 schedule – early May; Meme Mondays – early Aug.

Two Ceefax-style Teletext pages done as tribute to a friend’s WIP project. I may link to it once it is publicly available.

Untitled (Assorted Sketches)
Graphite pencil.

Various sketches done to get more Friends and more guns. I have worked on a derivative project and successfully ran a private pilot; it will be revised and uploaded here along with some interim first pages.