“Are you a Friend who sketches things?”

No servals were harmed in the making of this post. The sketches, made over the past month, were first posted in a Discord server I partake in, and most of the comments will be derived from those.

Arai Hug
Digital (Drawpile).

“I decided to try drawing an Arai Hug image from scratch, amidst [another user] requesting it earlier….I think it turned out well despite stylistic concerns I had.”

Untitled (President Bag Sworn In As Japari President)
Coloured pencils and fountain pens, etc.

“This isn’t authoritarian enough, but the warmup and the idea were worthwhile.”

Ici «Radio-Japari», à 93.9….
Coloured pencils and fountain pens

” This [picture] only exists because Radio Okapi is apparently a real thing, and it has nothing to do with that station. “

Light 4H-6H graphite pencils, pastels.

“Different processes and materials results in silly rapid doodles.”

Graphite pencil.

“I don’t think [another user’s salaryman OC] would be the type to copy a Mortal Kombat pose, but I don’t think [said user’s ghost OC] would mind it. Sketch was amusing to do either way.”


Cod of Valour: Maiden Voyage 2
Digital (Krita).

RAMIREZ! Take point at the wharf!
RAMIREZ! Last bait, make it count!
RAMIREZ! Fortify the Krabby Town!
RAMIREZ! Scream for chocolate!
RAMIREZ! Press F to pay respects!

…Remember, no salmon.

Untitled (WIP)
Fountain pen, digital (Krita)

“Mixed analogue ink + digital painting combination attempt in progress. “

Digital (Krita, GIMP).

“A sketch followed by a post-processing test for an attempted old poster look. “

Poutine Friends
Digital (Krita, Paint.NET).

“I got this idea some weeks ago, after a quick discussion on another channel on potentially translating Arai’s nanodas as English quips. Time to go full 🇨🇦 against the 🇺🇸 friends with a nice plate of poutine, eh?”


Untitled (texturised)
Digital (Krita, GIMP).

“Dumb silly sketch based on a silly mural I recall. The simple style and pose were derived from that.”

The texture was added as an effects test.

Subway Series 2019 No. 0: Philadelphia
0.38mm fineliner pen.

Things obtained from a quick visit.