The delay was the spookiest part! Not by much. (Inktober 2018 post-mortem)


…wait, wait, wait! Wait, what?

GAH! It’s almost CHRISTMAS — !!

(reference: this [NSFW] TF2 smexual from FINHeavich)


More drawings and commentary; impressions for the past month are at the end.

Unacceptably Accepted
29 Oct 2018. 85mm x 61mm.
0.38mm writing pen, some correction fluid.


Some gifts are impossible to not accept, for all the wrong reasons. A few more drafts were drawn, but none went further than that stage; I just picked the one I kinda liked the most.


Yes, the name is a reference to another [NSFW audio] TF2 smexual.


“Proof-of-Concept: Do Not Distribute”
30 Oct 2018. 49mm x 79mm.
0.2-0.5mm fountain pens, felt pen.

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I had a more ambitious idea with Kaban and Serval standing in the same pose but with their backs turned against one another. It would have been interesting, but I would have needed at least another draft. So the idea to use playing cards was devised to rush an already-tardy work – and the idea is there, but it could have been better fleshed out and drawn.


“The taste…it is that of liberation!”
30 Oct 2018. 95mm x 85mm.
Fountain, felt, brush pens.

It’s not as shocking in the American or Japanese versions, oversized in the British one, and they forgot to draw the mouth on the European and Korean variants.

The timing of this reference with the animé’s distribution was coincidental at most. A few similar ideas were first thrown about before the Jojo reference was deemed obligatory.


I don’t really like the licking man’s facial expression here.


Sweet ‘n’ Savoury Sourdough
31 Oct 2018. 101mm x 67mm.
Fountain, gel, felt tip pens; hard-lead pencil crayons + colourless blender. Bits of graphite pencil too.

🅱oneless 🅱read, doot doot!

Halloween café hopping led to sketches about bread slices and then the insertion of skeletons. Spooky!


That hat is definitely a bit off; I should have considered the angle on which it would sit on Mr. Bones’ head there.


Post-Mortem for the Month:

Looking at all the things put in over the month, there are some things to note in my opinion:

  • Making 31 entries for 31 days: failed! Not that I care, though; it was more about drawing and updating the site, and for that regards this was a success.
  • It may be better to express things here than to keep them withheld. Granted, some things must be private, but there are things that can be mentioned freely too that will help keep accountability an option.
  • If I were to pick 3 favourites, and my reasons why:
    • ON YOUR FEET, BLIN! IT’S WORK O’CLOCK! (15 Oct, prompts for 13th-15th combined)
      • It has everything to do with the idea, and nothing to do with the execution. It just seems horribly apt, especially in workaholic societies, and this isn’t a typical take on alarm clocks.
    • Achieving the Impossible (21 Oct, prompt for 20th)
      • In hindsight, the text wasn’t necessary either. The facial expressions sell the work for what it is, and it was an interesting test of panel use.
    • Me ‘n’ My Scotch @ 3am (19 Oct, prompt for 18th)
      • From gesture sketch to a more fleshed-out work, it seems to have translated rather decently, and the pose does make things more interesting from a design and negative space standpoint than most things I do.

Drawing technicalities:

  • Quality control isn’t always there, but there seems to be some more concerted efforts in entries. Maybe more time can be given per work, and larger sizes may help too.
  • This has filled my sketchbook quite quickly, wonderfully.
  • I have managed to better learn what tools I have available, but there can always be further tuning to make the most of them. For instance, I have to play around with water solubility of my inks more, as it seems that I haven’t obtained a good grasp of it yet.
  • A few more draft variants may be good before making a finalised piece. However, knowing when a draft is preferable over a polished final can come handy at times.


Concept technicalities:

  • A few themes can be definitely surmised from the drawings shown – things such as silly references, disdain for conformity and mainstream behaviour, and gallows humour are what I myself am seeing often. Is this a sketchbook, or a personal diary?
  • The execution of some ideas is haphazard, but this comes back to the drawing technicalities portion.
  • Some of the absurdity of the ideas is probably indicative of an intriguing way of connecting materials together.
  • Personal stress appears quite evident in these works, no questions there. Maybe consider a counsellor?


Non-Inktober Material:

  • When compared to works from several years prior, there is some notable improvement and optimisation of processes. Some lingering problems do remain, yes, but I think it’s amidst a lack of study of certain material (eg. clothing, texture, effective use of negative space).
  • I guess I am far more picky with music things, seeing how rarely I post those – and given that many projects have dozens of hours in them there, while most of my drawings are done within 1-2 at most (and usually 30 mins in practice).
  • Gesture sketches are a bit on the rigid side, but do express some improvement in perception and reflection. Attempt using other materials, perhaps?


Site management:

  • Layout was figured out at least and I am quite content with the format of some of my posts.
  • The comments can be long-winded (especially this one). Proofread to remove some extraneous text.
  • I think some specifications are off in some of the older posts, such as the width of the pens.