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I already had that sort of harvest celebration food a month or more ago, anyway. Yay, different locales and nationalities.


Expect another update quite soon as I draw more things and scan them.

베이퍼웨이브 치킨이 찾아왔어요
9 Nov 2018 (audio), 20 Nov 2018 (graphic cover).


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That said, here it is:

Direct download links (mirrored on other services):
FLAC: Primary (GOOG) || Alternate (MSFT)
MP3: Primary (GOOG) || Alternate (MSFT)

And of course, the cover:

An attempt at a vapourwave-ish thing using all sorts of effects and a late 80s chicken commercial (plus a few more commercials from the same company). It doesn’t seem fully a e s t h e t i c, but I think it’ll be good enough.