Thematic Adherance…and the tangential status thereof

I’m sure these would fail the subject matter criteria according to some. But I am submitting this regardless.

Anyone Can Enjoy Pizza!
27 Oct 2018.
Various pens and whatnot; multiple images stitched together/edited digitally.

Yes, pizza is tasty when folded.

What started as one draft I did not like turned into multiple drafts I did not like…and then the idea to combine them together into a single poster came to mind.

The only way this even fits the stretching theme of 26 Oct’s Inktober prompt would be the melted cheese, and even that’s a stretch *comedy drum loop*.


Additional Practice Required
27 Oct 2018. 132mm x 90mm.
Fountain pens, felt tip and brush pens; gel pen plus correction fluid.

The Great Pumpkin got more edgy this year.

That may not have been the right song for “thunder”; having Thunderstruck instead would fit better, but at the same time, Ride the Lightning is the more maniacal choice. Admittedly, I had to review sheet music notation whilst working (this is what I get for using tracker and piano roll notation nowadays)….>_<;


On the note of sheet music, I think the bass line could be elaborated a bit for a piano arrange.


It also happens to fit for this time of year, as I recall that North America tends to love Peanuts cartoons around Christmas or something.