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Another day passes with another update.

“Prickliness, eh? DENIED!”
25 Oct 2018. 111mm x 83mm.
0.2-0.5mm fountain pens, gel pen, felt tip/brush pen combo.

30 days, no food. Why I choose heat?

I have to wonder, how did I get from thinking about cacti (a cliché for the prickly theme) to Arstotzka? Odd way of thinking, probably….


Is that interrogated figure supposed to be a prickly pear cactus or something? It’s hard to tell, if I am to be asked.


Subway Series 2018 No. 7
Late Sep 2018. 171mm x 134mm.
0.38mm writing pen.

*ding* *unintelligible chatter* *ding*

No healthy drinks were consumed in the making of these sketches.


Subway Series 2018 No. 8
~13 Oct 2018. 176mm x 137mm.
0.38mm writing pen.


Not only are there gesture sketches, but there are also idea sketches for 15 Oct’s work.

But there are more things this time….

Time to visit older works because I haven’t done that lately, and it’s also a good way to comment on past work with hindsight. This time, let’s go with digital stuff (mainly from 2013 to 2015).

ニトリ VS メカニトリ
15 Dec 2013. Digital (Sketchbook Pro 7) on Surface Pro (1st gen).

Apparently it got a rating of 3.1 out of 5 cucumbers.

Drawn for a community contest that was going on at the time, referring to an apparent kaiju film. I’m going to quote myself from almost 5 years ago:

Could not get to finishing this one, but the idea’s there at least.

Not many entries this time it seems. Busy time of year, I guess.

Wisely said, past me, seeing as the contest itself ended not too long afterwards. Anyways, back to the work:

  • Golly, regular Nitori looks a bit too flattened. It’s probably that left shoulder of hers plus a lack of effective line weight control, as well as that flat face.
  • Where is Mecha Nitori pointing to, anyway?


Spellcards, Please! (draft)
27-28 Apr 2014. Digital (Sketchbook Pro 7) on Surface Pro (1st gen).


Now lampooning Soviet propaganda, particularly the one poster where the man refuses vodka.


Reimu seems to have taken a good bit of testosterone lately or something. XD But on more serious notes, overly masculine designs are something that plagued a lot of my work at the time – whether it be due to the references I was using or the dearth of finesse, that has yet to be determined.


Fist of the French Star
8 May 2015. Digital (Sketchbook Pro 7) on Surface Pro (1st gen).


That face seems quite off, no doubt. There is indeed some resemblances to both Hokuto no Ken and some Francophone styles, but honestly, it was probably for the better that this was left alone for over 3 years.


On the other hand, Hokuto no Ken could almost work as a darker bande dessin.


Mima Jacket
3 June 2015. Digital (Sketchbook Pro 7) on Surface Pro (1st gen).


Mima’s face looks a bit off, and I don’t really like her bust either. It seems and is quite traced from the original clip, going by the layer data (not included in the web version). On the other hand, kudos for adding a background – even if that’s also traced.


More images will be looked at in some other time.