Processed in a facility that doesn’t manufacture Japari buns

Now let’s move out of Kemono Friends references (for now) and add some different ones, yeah?


I’ll also be adding measurements for physical illustration work this time around. Conversions for American viewers, with their oddball imperial units, will not be provided automatically; they can do the maths. 😛

“Caveat Emptor!”

24 Oct 2018. 102.6mm x 82mm.
Fineliner (0.1-1mm), brush, and gel pens.

“Don’t die or go to debt; I need your business!”

Somehow this was intended to fulfil the “expensive” theme of Inktober. Snarkiness and references then got involved inextricably.


Now, is Jacket’s Puffs part of a complete breakfast?


Mucky Muddy Pumpkin Head

24 Oct 2018. 74.1mm x 51.5mm.
Brush and felt tip pen; 0.3mm fountain pen; coloured and HB graphite pencils.

Trick..and probably not a treat, unless a mud bath counts as one.

I was considering going with clichés for the “muddy” subject matter, but instead got distracted by warning signs and Halloween merchandise. That aside led to this drawing a bit later.


5-minute chopping board (“…this was too rapid”)

24 Oct 2018. 54.4mm x 38.5mm.
0.38mm fineliner/writing pen, 0.8mm gel pen.

Festina lente

This was drawn in 5 minutes as a draft for “chop”…and then I decided not to pursue it or the theme further. Simplicity is its own reward I guess, but golly, the rush job shows vividly on this one.


“Tell me about yourself” (draft)

24 Oct 2018. 94.7mm x 110.2mm.
0.2-0.5mm fountain pens; felt tip pen; multiple ink brush pens; water brush pen; watercolour pencils; gel pens; some 5H pencil residue from outlining.

…and with that, the rest of the interview was a mess

Unclear streams of thought were an approach I was considering for Inktober, but eventually it was decided to let it be its own thing instead. This is perhaps the third concept draft I did of the premise; some elements of initial finalisation are there, but are uneven (overcorrected background, undercorrected character). This does bestow a clearer idea of what to go after in a future revision, should one get done.