Partially Late, Partially On-Time

Right, I forgot to post the 3rd’s inking month thing, instead posting the material for the day before. Blimey.


Japari Roast

4 Oct 2018. Fountain, brush, and gel pens.


Serval’s probably hiding from the fire or something. 😛


A late day yesterday led to this being delayed until today instead. I originally had another idea for this, but (A) that one would work better in a different style of cooking, and (B) I already had reference sketches for an extended version of this idea.

"screw spellan"
“screw spellan”

Speak-EZ (starring Cirno?)

4 Oct 2018. Fountain and brush pens, water brush pen, correction fluid, gel pen.


Speak & Spell references are most likely not what was intended from the official Inktober theme of the day. Two versions were made, with the bottom being the “final” so to say, but some things are better on the top variant.


A trial was done by first using the water pen on the paper, and then applying a ink brush pen onto the wet surface to achieve some of the effects. Those of you with proper training will probably call this a rudimentary technique, but as someone whose drawing experience is overwhelmingly doodling and scribbling, I have to wonder why I haven’t done this before. In either case, it warrants further experimentation.


Okay, on to other material.

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Subway Series 2018 No. 3

3 Oct 2018. Fineliner writing pen.


Now with a side of extra gopnitsas.





Natalin en Elizabeth et al

~Feb 2017. Graphite pencils.


A variety of sketches at different levels of completion. I do like the top-right catgirl sketch, probably since I took actual time with it – thus showing some sort of finesse that is usually absent.



As for Elizabeth (you Fate fans will likely recognise her), a few friends I showed that image to still make the occasional joke about her towards me. Personally, I don’t really follow it much aside from knowing a couple of characters.



Burgah Time

Mar 2016. Fineliner pen and graphite pencil.


A reference to a hectic dinner at a convention many friends and I went to that year. One of them decided to order a massive challenge burger, causing quite the commotion.

She did not finish it, on the one hand, but even then, that was certainly one spectacular evening for all of us.