Now with about a 3-hour tape delay instead of a several-week one

Whoa, activity – it exists!

A few more sketches will do for the time being, with the usual draft caveat.

Want some shaved ice with that, gov’na?

«L’homme» “van het strand”

2 Oct 2018, brush and fountain pens.

I take that as a no.


Two very hasty drafts of an Inktober Day 2-derived work idea that I decided to toss due to a lack of time. The language switch isn’t really intentional, but that’s a normality. I also don’t mind that I am doing this a bit late, for I don’t intend to adhere to the guidelines too strongly.

In both cases, even with the sloppy draft conditions in mind, I could have at least added some ground textures….



Skully Airlines

Jul 2018, graphite pencil and various pens.


Gesture sketches and contours dominate this setup. Whether the practice was reflected in future works has yet to be determined, but I’ll think the answer is a resounding no.



…great, did I enter the weak-aircon car again?

Subway Series 2018 No. 2

Jun 2018. Writing pen.

Compact notebooks are great and all, but I have ended up losing quite a few – along with all the sketches contained within them – in the process. Ah well, that does mean I have a lot more sketching to do to make that up.