With less awoo than is probably necessary

Three days of Inktober-derived updates, ahoy. At least there are three different images and not a combination – which I imagine would take much longer.

Swollen Capacitor

19 Oct 2018. Fountain pen.

Probably from the capacitor plague

I had the idea on the 17th in my gesture sketch book, and completely didn’t get around to sketching the rest until yesterday. GJ me, but it was a simple enough warmup.


Me ‘n’ My Scotch @ 3am

19 Oct 2018. Fountain and brush pens; graphite pencil.

…and I’ll trade ya my Stout Shako for two – *hic*

Based on a gesture sketch done last weekend, where loads of rough sleepers and drowsy commuters were snoozing on the floor at a major station. Demoman just so happened to fit in. I do like the pose somewhat, but I could use more work on lower body shapes and some foreshortening.


Anti-Counterfeit Kagerou Detection Measures

19-20 Oct 2018. Brush, 0.3-1mm fineliner pens; HB pencil; multiple illustrations edited together digitally.

I respond to that woof wtih a wau.

A parody of another Kagerou-related poster by wool, though probably more snarky and not as polished. This took longer than I expected it to, mainly due to having to figure out how to draw Kagerou rapidly and (relatively) consistently, not to mention sorting the page layout. However, it was a very good exercise overall in understanding how to take an initial design and then simplify it enough for rapid placement – which also bodes well for characters defined by geometric shapes, I think.


Of course, there could have been additional polish as always, as well as some issues (eg. hand sizes are inconsistent) that I am still irked about. But this isn’t meant to be perfect per se.


The last line is a reference to [WARNING: some NSFW images] BWSnowy, in particular the results of one pChat session 4 years ago. Some of my older things (from about summer 2014 to 2015) can still be found on there.