On time…by Valve standards

I’ll blame work-exacerbated duress for this significant delay. Another update is probably incoming shortly.

Mmm, I'm thirsty!
Mmm, I’m thirsty!
I'll put in two for luck
I’ll put in two for luck

Rejected Flow Ideas


10 Oct 2018. Pens and a 5H pencil.


A few ideas were considered for the theme of that Inktober entry. I never got these past initial drafting phases, but was leaning on the cooking one…though I think “pouring” would be a more apporpriate theme to put that entry into.


Capitalism, ho
Capitalism, ho

A Message from the Company President

11 Oct 2018. Brush, gel, and fountain pen.


“If YOU aren’t fleecing our clients for the profit line, we’re not doing business at ALL! – President”


This was a response to a gruelling work environment, a response to which I have made apparent. Can I also add that the overabundance of motivational posters at that firm is really demotivational for their lack of character and genericised messaging? (Conversely, I find demotivational posters helpful, as gallows humour is inspiring enough to keep pressing onward)


경남 고래고기

12-13 Oct 2018. 0.05-1mm fineliner pens.


A reference to a place in Busan that specialises in whale meat. I didn’t go in there, however.


I was admittedly too hasty with this; more time to properly contour things would make things far nicer, yes?