I'd have to wonder - does it append GRAPHICS.COM so that it is no longer 19742 bytes?
All we’re missing is a shoddy PC speaker rendition of her theme song. Oh wait, one exists now!

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone any use of this image in the creation of actual malware. This was done purely as a joke on another community I frequent, and only exists in the form of a text mode-style image done in modern editing software.

As for the text mode, I used EGA-style 80×25 resolution with 8×14 font size, which is also what the classic text-mode game ZZT uses.

As an added bonus, a close contact of mine has portrayed it onto his CRT monitor, where the proper old-school 4:3 aspect ratio is achieved with little artefacting or digital filtering.

“…LESANAE infects COM files, so let’s take a look at our old friend GRAPHICS.COM, which is usually 19742 bytes….”